A minimalist piano setup on mac with MidiPipe
Lightweight setup to play piano while stuff compiles
Procrastinators: NEVER set due dates on your tasks
And also leave the kitchen floor alone !
Furniture design: wooden tray on wheels
Wood used: ma├žaranduba & roxinho (Brazilian wood)
Fixing video aspect ratio with ffmpeg without re-encoding
How I quickly fixed footage I filmed with the wrong options in Filmic Pro and Moondog's 1.33x Anamorphic lens
Recording 24 bit audio on a Raspberry Pi
Using arecord from the terminal and a Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone
Testing code highlighting with Highlight.js on PicoCMS
A small demonstration of how code highlighting will look with highlight.js on this site
Setting up this site with Pico CMS
How I setup this website, for a self-hosted minimalist solution to share my ideas, experiences and work.
Optimizing the world. Or why I believe Steve Jobs was Batman
Some mumbling about why most tutorials should not exist.

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