Furniture design: wooden tray on wheels

Drawn on iPad

This is from 2018 but I am writing about it in 2019. It was somewhere in my todo-list!

I drew this thing on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil using ProCreate. So it's more artsy than technical and the proportions on the drawing are quite different from the measures. I added them afterwards based on what kind of wood could be purchased more easily.

Carrinho design

Real life result

If you know me personnaly you know it's a very bad idea to let me close to anything with a blade or even a hammer. So I didn't build any of this myself ! This is why I am typing this with my full ten fingers.

I contracted my trusty local artisan (Seu Antônio) to build this and here is the result. At the time of this writing we have been using this for over a year when we have breakfast in the room and it's both very handy and quite satisfying to look at.

Carrinho Photo

Roxinho is an interesting wood. If you cover it, it looks mostly brown, but if it breathes fresh air it gets this nice color that borders on magenta.

Carrinho Photo

Secondary uses

As always furniture also gets unexpected usage. Queijinho likes it.

Carrinho Queiinho


Later this year we bought an old wooden tray from the 60's on MercadoLivre (the south-american equivalent of eBay). As is was quite old and damaged we asked our friend Antônio to restore it and add a sheet of Roxinho on the trays. And here is the final result.

Carrinho Queiinho